Special Webinar November 2020

Hands-on AWL area boundary contour analysis – 28 GHz GSO/NGSO FSS (AUSTRALIA)   Please join our special webinar to sharpen your skills and learn what it takes to conduct AWL area boundary [...]

November Highlights

  HTZ update (v.22.9.9) is available to download HTZ Communications and HTZ Warfare version 22.9.9 is available to download from ATDI CRM.  Key features including: New satellite function to [...]

Webinar November 2020

Rescue search area prioritisation using mobile coverage boundary in HTZ   Register now your seat in next webinar about ATDI’s latest innovation in the rescue supporting system using [...]


Wydarzenie KKRRIT 2020   Szanowni Państwo, Zgodnie z nowelizacją Prawa geodezyjnego i kartograficznego, Główny Urząd Geodezji i Kartografii od 1 sierpnia 2020 udostępnia bezpłatnie dane [...]

Webinar October 2020

Próximo Webinar 7 de Octubre 9:00 AM (GMT-5)   Repasaremos las nuevas funcionalidades de esta novedosa edición de la herramienta de simulación e ingeniería de redes inalámbricas: HTZ [...]

New management on board at ATDI, Inc. USA

New management on board at ATDI, Inc. in the US   ATDI is excited to announce the opening of a brand new office in New York and introduce the new CEO and Director of Business Development, [...]

ICS telecom

ICS telecom has been replaced by HTZ communications   ICS telecom was the civil version of HTZ warfare and has been renamed “HTZ communications” for product line consistency. HTZ [...]

New: ICS Monitoring

We are glad to introduce you to our latest development product – ICS monitoring: SPECTRUM MONITORING SOLUTION BASED ON A SERVICE-ORIENTED PLATFORM. MONITORING OF EMISSIONS, SPECTRUM USAGE [...]


REGISTER TODAY TO SECURE YOUR SEAT IN UPCOMING ATDI WEBINAR! Topic: Tactical mission radio planning and defense spectrum management with HTZ warfare. Don’t miss out the most informative [...]


Technology Training by ATDI We offer training modules on a wide range of topics in Radio communications. These modules are typically of 3 or 6 hours of duration. The topics included (but not [...]

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