PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT HTZ communications/HTZ Warfare version 23 is now available to customers with a valid maintenance contract. The new release includes a compatibility method for coexistence [...]

Webinar January 2021

S145 4G/5G Device Boundary Assessment: Learn more about 4G/5G device compliance registration In order to evolve and meet demand for mobile data growth, national regulators need to manage [...]

Special Webinar November 2020

Hands-on AWL area boundary contour analysis – 28 GHz GSO/NGSO FSS (AUSTRALIA)   Please join our special webinar to sharpen your skills and learn what it takes to conduct AWL area boundary [...]

November Highlights

  HTZ update (v.22.9.9) is available to download HTZ Communications and HTZ Warfare version 22.9.9 is available to download from ATDI CRM.  Key features including: New satellite function to [...]

Webinar November 2020

Rescue search area prioritisation using mobile coverage boundary in HTZ   Register now your seat in next webinar about ATDI’s latest innovation in the rescue supporting system using [...]


Wydarzenie KKRRIT 2020   Szanowni Państwo, Zgodnie z nowelizacją Prawa geodezyjnego i kartograficznego, Główny Urząd Geodezji i Kartografii od 1 sierpnia 2020 udostępnia bezpłatnie dane [...]

Webinar October 2020

Próximo Webinar 7 de Octubre 9:00 AM (GMT-5)   Repasaremos las nuevas funcionalidades de esta novedosa edición de la herramienta de simulación e ingeniería de redes inalámbricas: HTZ [...]

New management on board at ATDI, Inc. USA

New management on board at ATDI, Inc. in the US   ATDI is excited to announce the opening of a brand new office in New York and introduce the new CEO and Director of Business Development, [...]

ICS telecom

 HTZ communications replaces ICS telecom   Our brand is important to us. For product brand consistency, we recently rebranded ICS telecom to HTZ communications. This now falls under the HTZ [...]

New: ICS Monitoring

We are glad to introduce you to our latest development product – ICS monitoring: SPECTRUM MONITORING SOLUTION BASED ON A SERVICE-ORIENTED PLATFORM. MONITORING OF EMISSIONS, SPECTRUM USAGE [...]

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