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A global leader in spectrum management

We develop powerful software solutions to manage radio spectrum use. Operating since 1988, ATDI is a recognised leader in radio network planning and spectrum management solutions. Our success reflects our customer's successes and enables them to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market. Innovation is at the centre of everything we do. It guides decision-making and helps us achieve our business objectives. Innovation helps us define our priorities, expectations and achievements. These values are characterised by four pillars of strength.
Employees strive to produce excellent work. They embrace their responsibilities, enjoy problem-solving and add value to customers.
The company respects the knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities that each employee brings to the team.
The work environment is open, honest, collaborative and team-orientated.
Employees share the company’s vision and passion. Innovation allows us to provide exceptional customer service, support a great team and back a winning culture.
We offer a wide-range of software solutions and services
Radio planning and optimisation
Spectrum management
Spectrum monitoring
Spectrum engineering
Cartography and datasets
Communications electronic warfare



Launch of first commercial radio planning tool - featuring coverage calculations & analysis, interference and P2P calculations


Company rebrands to ATDI


Deygout 94 propagation model added to software in collaboration with Jacques Deygout


Launch of ICS Manager, ATDI’s first automated spectrum management solution


ATDI becomes ITU sector member – firstly joining ITU-R and then later ITU-D


High resolution 3D datasets released to improve modelling capabilities and accuracy


First online spectrum coordination portal created for special events licensing


First e-Licensing gateway - ICS portal released


Spectrum monitoring software ICS Monitoring released for spectrum managers


ICS telecom rebrands to HTZ Communications


New API created allowing access to ICS manager without a database


HTZ Warfare features neural network algorithm for tactical networks

We're hiring

Now the company is looking for an engineer who is not afraid to help it scale even greater peaks. ATDI needs an RF engineer as it continues to expand its global business.

Based in the USA, the positions come with an attractive package but also the challenge of working with ATDI’s expert engineers and customers spanning every sector of radiocommunications. People who are most comfortable at base camp need not apply. For more information or to submit a CV, please contact careers@atdi.com

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