Producing and converting any type of map data for import into software tools including digital reference mapping, land occupancy or Digital Elevation Models


ATDI offer a complete networking, sharing and management solutions for cartographic data. This often involves large volumes of data, using different coordinate reference systems, which needs to be manipulated to process geographic information. Intranet and internet solutions can make geographic data easily accessible to users while performing complex calculations where necessary.


Map data experts assist customers acquire and validate raw data. Once the quality of the data has been validated, the acquisition is swift. Sources such as aerial photos, ground control points, satellite images and maps are then processed and formatted for customers. ATDI offer a network of local cartographic partners,  and act as official partner of the French National Geographic Institute (IGN) and the UK Ordnance Survey.


Through channel partners, ATDI identify and procure data sets and validate their quality.


ATDI offer a comprehensive service to create digital images and layers needed for radio planning. These production capabilities are undertaken in a laboratory, which features extensive production capabilities in digital stereo restitution and high resolution digital imaging.


  • ICS map server
    ICS map server is a comprehensive toolkit for the production of cartographic files from diverse sources such as satellite images, aerial photographs and paper maps. ICS map server performs both manual and automatic extraction of cartographic information, interpolates contour lines in order to produce DTM and allows modification and enhancement of cartographic information
  • HTZ – Integrated GIS
    Features import and export functions, support for Raster and Vector data, building and clutter builders, Lidar treatments, interpolation, Hydro detection, Noise reduction, Filters, Geocoding, Blank matrices, Image recognition and Machine Learning

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