Webinar: Private LTE / 5G networks in the CBRS band

October 12, 2021

Join us as we look at designing and planning private LTE and 5G networks for the Oil & Gas, Mining and Utility industries. The event includes case studies from the global mining company, BHP Billiton, showing how they achieved wireless connectivity in the ever-changing mine environment and how private LTE supported operational automation of key functions.

The session will include:

  • Stepping up: How to leverage CBRS spectrum to meet the demands of high-performance industrial networks.
  • Spot the difference: Key differences between commercial broadband and industrial private LTE/5G networks.
  • Tackling the challenges:  Detailed look at private LTE/5G network design, including:
    • Managing the dynamic environment and prospective planning;
    • Securing network coverage and capacity, including propagation penetration and absorption losses from outdoor to indoor and visa-versa;
    • Massive MiMO, beamforming and 3D ray-tracing;
    • Planning automation to improve operational efficiencies.

Sign up today. Spaces are limited.

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