HTZ Automation

Automated Workflows
Supports repetitive tasks
Automatic calculations
Dynamic path re-routing
Self-healing networks
Improves network efficiency


Process automation simplifies human interactions, enabling organisations to reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies. HTZ Automation automates workflows for repetitive tasks, providing cost and time-saving efficiencies. By leveraging the latest web-based technologies, this custom based application delivers stakeholders improved processes efficiencies and customer experience.

HTZ Automation works in partnership with ATDI’s flagship RF planning tools HTZ Warfare and HTZ Communications. It features a client-server architecture with requests managed through HTTP or other secure modes. Other architectures like Web Socket can also be accommodated. All options offer a high level of interoperability with plug-in functions to meet end-user requirements.

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Complex RF planning calculations are managed easily by user-defined workflows. Calculations rely on HTZ spectrum engine for performance and accuracy, with tasks configured, planned and scheduled in advance.

Increased efficiency
Calculation sequences are configured to create automated workflows. The user starts the workflow at specific times and repeats as required. Priority is given to defined tasks and calculations are made sequentially.

Easy to use
By removing the complexity associated with the RF planning tool, users can complete calculations quickly and easily.

Experienced users can share their workflows with others for improved operational efficiencies.HTZ Automation features a web-based interface that complies with industry standards and is accessible from any device.

Open architecture
HTZ can be integrated into third-party systems using RESTful API. It features a client-server architecture consisting of clients, servers, and resources with requests managed through HTTP or other secure modes.

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HTZ Automations allow users to plan, evaluate, and optimise radio-frequency networks effortlessly and with increased accuracy. Automated workflows are managed at the development stage or after implementation by the end-user.

Every aspect of the radio network can be managed from design through to optimisation. For example, for prospective planning the workflow allows operators users to model network coverage by identifying the best location for fixed transmitters to achieve the best coverage, removing the risk of communication failures. Automated workflows support map data imports into HTZ Communications, triggering their automatic conversion into the right format. The system then automatically calculates coverage and then produces a composite coverage based on network changes.

Automated functions can be used to manage every aspect of the radio network including identifying the best servers, composite coverage and coverage overlapping. Workflows can support SINR throughputs for LTE and 5G networks, with the results from these calculations exported in KMZ and TIF/TFW files for internal assessment or to a third-party platform. By automating workflows, users can make time and resource efficiencies and reduce the risk of errors in repetitive manual processes.

All workflows are managed by the user or third-party systems via a REST API. The API is the simplest way to interact and communicate with the spectrum engine. The API allows users to launch a black box to automate workflows within the software. A single virtual machine can run multiple instances of HTZ, the RF planning tool, with commands launched in order of priority. This responsive solution allows users to interact with the radio planning functions in real-time and responsively.

The RESTful API supports synchronisation with a unique SQL database and supports parallel computing. Relying on the simultaneous use of computers resources calculation speeds are massively improved.


Forget high-spec, powerful servers to perform large tasks. HTZ Automation combines multiple desktops in one system and distributes calculation tasks across them, with tasks prioritised according to their importance and sequentially.

To deploy the system quickly, ATDI offers a configuration service to meet the end-users exact requirements. The deployment procedure will be defined depending on the existing infrastructure.

To reduce set-up times, ATDI offers a support service to configure workflows. This allows users to commence use as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do you need additional features or changes made? ATDI can assist. The team can implement requirements on request such as adding corporate branding to the user interface or supporting custom documents or new functions.


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