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Telecom networks are integral to railway infrastructure. Over recent years, significant investment into combining wired and wireless systems has been made, to improve network resilience and efficiency. Today railway operators focus on creating a safer, more modern and digitally connected rail network. ATDI provides flexible solutions to meet the demands of today’s rail infrastructure.

ATDI develops telecom infrastructure solutions for complex technical projects. End-users benefit from the variety of services offered, making ATDI the one-stop shop for rail infrastructure services. These services include:

  • the design and rollout of a fibre optic cable network for trackside communications;
  • network planning;
  • license applications;
  • building antenna towers, telecom masts and support structures.

The team combines expert knowledge of telecom networks, along with an in-depth understanding of the rail industry.


The ATDI team also support projects from network design to site acquisition and planning. The team is dedicated to tackling the toughest infrastructure and technology challenges. These services apply to different markets such as transportation, water and sewage, power and mission-critical systems. The blend of knowledge and experience of the telecoms sector enables the team to deliver efficient, reliable and cost-effective telecom infrastructure projects.

ATDI provides support from the outset of a project, providing advice and expertise across key areas, including:

  • Support for concept development and feasibility studies
  • Design and construction of a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity infrastructures
  • Copper and fibre optic-cable network design for telecom and ICT sewage systems, cable pipelines, micro ducts
  • Reconstruction designs for telecom networks
  • Adaptations to structures to support telecoms needs
  • Resolve telecom issues in conjunction with the construction and reconstruction of road and rail infrastructure
  • Project management and liaison with telecom network operators
  • Expert advice on developing telecom networks
  • Construction supervision


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