Demo: ASMS - web-portal services
Overview of the web-portal functions associated with ICS e-Manager. This includes an introduction to the user interface, admin functions and capabilities.
Webinar: 5G interference on aeronautical radars operating in the 2700-3100 MHz bands
This demo looks at interference cases with the 5G rollout, specifically the managing interference between 5G towers and aeronautical radars operating in this band.
Demo: Spectrum monitoring solution
This demo provides an overview of ATDI's spectrum monitoring solution. This adaptable monitoring solution allows spectrum managers to assess and control emissions and ensure operators comply with licence regulations.
Webinar: Spectrum sharing strategy: ACMA, Australia
This webinar looks at the methodology adopted by ACMA to manage AWL apparatus licence approvals in the 26-28GHz band.
A Global Leader in Spectrum Management
Check out our corporate video. ATDI is a global leader in spectrum management. Providing solutions for every user, in every industry.
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