Annual Electronic Warfare Summit 2023

February 21, 2023

Video Timings

Session 1 (03:00): Signal analysis and hybrid localisation in real-time. This session looks at ATDI’s unique real-time analysis software for radio spectrum monitoring.

Session 2 (39:00): Managing drones - modelling coverage and DF and jammers in the battlespace. This session demonstrates how to plan, simulate, and optimise anti-drone systems using HTZ Warfare.

Session 3 (1:10:52): Tropospheric link analysis using HTZ Warfare. This session demonstrates how to simulate microwave links with tropospheric technologies using the ITU 617-5 propagation model.

Session 4 (1:31:00): HTZ Warfare product updates and highlights over the past year.

Session 5 (2:05:50): Massive processing with HTZ Warfare. This session demonstrates how to leverage the massive processing capabilities in HTZ Warfare to perform coverage calculations for large numbers of stations.

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