Antenna design system
Improves antenna occupancy
Reduces Interference


The impact of increasing congestion in radio spectrum bands can be improved by modelling antenna rays. At one time, antenna modelling was considered overly complex, but antenna design solutions like Antios provide that a bit of extra help.

Antios is an innovative software solution that allows engineers to design multiple horizontal or vertical dipole arrays around a support. Antios is proven to increase the occupancy of radio frequencies by creating new and improved antenna designs capable of meeting coverage requirements for network operators. It allows network operators to meet the constraints of their frequency allocation and ensure they reduce or eliminate potential interference.

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Antios enables users to access real-antenna elements from manufacturers’ to create and visualise 3D antenna patterns. It considers up to 128 panels on the structure and makes real-time adjustments with the automatic recalculation of the pattern.

A new graphical antenna element editor offers increased functionality including calculation of vertical, horizontal and circular polarised arrays. The software automatically compensates for zeros in patterns and calculates gain and three-dimensional polar responses. Other features include a new wizard to handle phase and skew settings and modelling the effects of changes in coupling.

The display and report functions allow the user to export and display calculations graphically. Patterns can be displayed in polar or Cartesian formats and exported in different formats:

  • 3D data directly into HTZ
  • 2D data into other planning tools
  • ASCII 3D patterns

Reports on patterns and structures can be created for internal and external use.

Antios is integrated within HTZ Warfare and HTZ Communications or as a standalone solution.

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Current Version
Antios is integrated into HTZ Warfare and HTZ Communications or can function as a standalone application.
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