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Our success reflects our customers success. We enable them to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market


ATDI has over three decades of experience in the radiocommunications industry. During that time, our software solutions have developed and continue to evolve. Our comprehensive software solutions allow users to manage any radio technology. They even allow users to model multiple radio technologies across one project.


Our consulting services span the whole lifecycle of network implementation from radio network planning to optimisation. Companies of every size from spectrum regulators, mobile network operators to emergency services, all rely on our know-how to get their work done.

A day in the life of one of our spectrum engineers is varied. Projects can differ considerably. Whether they are analysing the impact of proposed radio services on adjacent channels or managing international frequency coordination. Using HTZ allows engineers to model complex scenarios with ease.

With decades of man-years experience, our success is the result of staying ahead of the game, guaranteeing accuracy and exceeding customer expectations.

System Automation

In a world where resources are constantly stretched, time-saving ideas can be a lifesaver. Automating processes and workflows can reduce the need for user interaction and improve calculation times and effectiveness. But automation is not just about saving time. It allows non-technical staff to complete tasks that require little or no training, it can boost productivity and reduce human error and costs.

Automated functions in HTZ Communications and HTZ Warfare enable users to plan, evaluate, and optimise radio-frequency networks effortlessly and with increased accuracy.

To understand the scope of custom developments and automating features within the software, visit our Use Case page.

To discuss how system automation can help your business, contact us today.

System Integration

Finding a one-solution-fits-all software solution is often costly or simply unavailable. Added to that is the need to improve productivity and quality of operations. More often, users look to combine a number of solutions to meet their needs.

ATDI works closely with partners and end-users to understand the users’ requirements and tailors their solutions to both large and small systems. Whether this is creating an API to allow two systems to interact or integrating their software into a much larger/complex structure, ATDI offers the expertise and know-how to support all end-user requirements.

System integration provides agile, flexible and scalable solutions to meet every need, talk to us today.

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