ICS Manager

Automated spectrum management solutions for regulators
Automated spectrum assignment
Spectrum coordination
Dynamic frequency sharing
Powerful database engine
Spectrum monitoring interface
Back office admin functions

Product Overview

ICS Manager is an automated spectrum management solution for spectrum regulators and radio network operators to improve spectrum use and automate systems.

This comprehensive spectrum database solution allows spectrum regulators to manage and optimise spectrum, enable frequency sharing and automate frequency assignment.

ICS Manager contains a data engine that manages data easily and logically in a hierarchal manner for consistent and reliable results.

ICS Manager is compatible with ATDI's flagship radio planning and optimisation software, HTZ Communications and tactical mission planning software, HTZ Warfare.

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ICS Manager is a custom solution that integrates and automates the everyday functions of spectrum regulators in civil and military markets. Its powerful database engine enables complex workflows to be automated,  reducing user interactions and improving the overall efficiency of the spectrum regulator.

The solution can be easily integrated into a single platform to fit within an existing system or operate as a standalone function. This scalable solution allows spectrum regulators to manage the growing demands for radio spectrum and is compatible with ATDI’s spectrum monitoring solutions and technical analysis tools.

ICS Manager is a back-office solution that supports web portals and other front-end services with dedicated functions such as license applications and assignments, complaint management, creation of frequency allocation tables (FAT), customisable query editor and more.

The product key functions include:

  • Spectrum monitoring interface
  • Management of complaints
  • Admin for licensing, billing and tracking payments
  • Supports spectrum auctions and trading
  • Publishes ITU notices
  • Manages international and regional coordination
  • Creates frequency allocation tables
  • Integrates with web portals
  • Oversees whitespace database
  • Manages cartography including conversion.
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ICS manager is an automated spectrum management solution that manages national and international spectrum resources. It features an evolutionary spectrum management database (SMBD) structure that reduces user interaction times, analyses data in different ways and promotes a disciplined approach to data management. This relational spectrum management database uses Oracle or Access with direct management rights and adapted user profiles.

Key features include:

  • Administration of spectrum occupancy
  • Dynamic spectrum sharing
  • Co-existence of wireless technologies
  • Coordination of contours
  • Fast frequency allocations
  • Ability to manage whitespace spectrum (WSDB)

ICS manager features advanced geospatial analysis functions, and offers access to a free source map data library, as well as access to Open Street Maps and Bing maps with the ability to display Bing address over the cursor.

Spectrum management processes can be streamlined to minimise user interactions and to improve efficiency. ICS Manager features advanced reporting and data sharing options for editing and creating reports.

Key features include:

  • Finance function for licensing, billing and tracking invoices
  • Defined license application and processing procedures
  • Features network inventory database
  • Contains a triple set of tables for system, library and spectrum management
  • Generates exchange files (*.MDB) for each structure
  • Stores ITU notification (electronic and paper) forms
  • Imports from standard SMDB including TerraSys, SRS, DACAN, TVA & TVD

No two user requirements are the same. ICS Manager is a custom solution that allows users to define their optimal processes and procedures. Custom modifications build-in flexibility, ensuring the solution not only meets but exceeds the end-user needs.

Key features include:

  • Easy integration with web portals and online services
  • Supports workflow and process automation
  • Features a customisable query editor
  • Available in a multi-language environment
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems
  • Installation options for standalone or client-server set-up
  • Project management features include individual workspaces
  • Dedicated dialogues and custom queries for each structure

Licensing Options

With Database access

Access to an SQL database is required

  • Oracle
  • SQL server
  • SQL Light
Without Database access

Access to a database is not required. This allows connections to external databases such as:

  • FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS)
  • SRS
  • HTZ table
Integration or Standalone

Along with the other key components of the ASMS, ICS Manager can be used as a standalone application or integrated as part of a complete solution.

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Current Version
We’ve simplified our product version numbers for ICS Manager: version xxxx.yy.z with xxxx = year and y or yy = month. z denotes when more than one release is made in the same month. For example, 2024.1 was released this month and 2024.1.1 = second release in the same month. Please check with your account manager what versions are available to you.
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