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ICS Monitoring is a flexible network monitoring solution that allows users to better understand the impact of interference on their network and others. It is compatible with leading hardware monitoring equipment suppliers and allows the user to work with different hardware suppliers simultaneously. ICS Monitoring manages a variety of measurement data and features an automatic post-processing function for real-time data streams. It forms part of our spectrum management solution and is fully compatible with ICS Manager.

ICS Monitoring can be used to assess spectrum use, monitor emissions and regulate the control of license emissions. It performs tasks in accordance with radio license regulations and verifies compliance with the frequency allocation conditions, frequency use and channel occupancy. ICS Monitoring can be used to generate interference case studies and search for unauthorised emissions.

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ICS Monitoring features a fully integrated license equipment database for a quick project set-up. Measurement results from a study are automatically stored for analysis and this can start without interrupting existing measurement campaigns running.

When an unauthorised transmission is identified the user can plot the location of the transmission, with data captured for frequency, power and duration on the integrated map layers and terrain data to allow a quick resolution.

The software compares spectrum emissions with spectrum masks from authorised transmitters, as well as reference spectrum masks.

ICS Monitoring features:

  • Spectrum occupancy measurements
  • Detection of unauthorised emissions
  • Licensed-transmitter data collection and storage
  • Bandwidth measurements
  • Frequency-band scanning
  • Localisation of unauthorised emissions
  • Hybrid localisation (TDOA / AOA / POA / RSSI)
  • HOMING (Machine learning algorithm – HTZ required)

ICS Monitoring provides the following features:

  • Multi-task measurements – performs multi-task measurements from a variety of source data;
  • Vendor-neutral – this solution is not tied to one vendor allowing it be used with all major measurement equipment suppliers;
  • Multi-processing power – features multi-thread processing of measurement data to improve speeds and accuracy;
  • Re-use measurement data – it can reuse previously obtained measurement data thus saving on time, budget and manpower;
  • Scalable - scales well and can increase its performance and efficiency as it is tested by larger operational demands;
  • Automated post-processing – features real-time data streams and automatic post-processing to save time and eliminate manual imports;
  • Flexible access – the solution can be used online or offline allowing users to view spectrum in the office or remotely;
  • Report management – creates reports in an easy to digest format, providing info about the license conditions and relevant monitoring data;
  • Trend analysis – provides up-to-date reports for regulators to monitor spectrum use and trends;
  • Complaint management – creates reports to monitor spectrum use and trends which can be displayed on a graphical interface allowing the regulator to assess spectrum use across the country in real-time;
  • License management – including license expiry overlaid on map for easy identification.

ICS Monitoring can be customised to incorporate live-chat or auto-chat functions, to improve access to the service and response times.

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Module Options

SDRN controls is available for single and clusters. The Application server features centralised data processing and supports measurement management services. This software module performs high-performance massive computing using propagation models.

SDRN Control – software module for the management of spectrum monitoring hardware through the user interface.

SDRN Control– software module for management of spectrum monitoring hardware in automated mode.

SDRN Control API – software module to interface with third-party software.

SDRN Control plug-in for ICS manager.

SDRN control is compatible with:

Spectrum analysers - Rohde & Schwarz (FSW, FSVx, FSVAx, ESRPx, FPH, FSH4/8, ZVH), Keysight Technologies (N99xx series), Anritsu (MS27xx series), Signal Hound (BB60C), Narda SignalShark.

Measuring receivers - Rohde & Schwarz (EM100, PR100, DDFxxx, EBD, ESMD, EB5xx), Narda SignalShark.

Modulation analysers - Rohde & Schwarz (ETL)

Cellular communication network analysers -Rohde & Schwarz (TSMW, TSME, TSMA)

Devices for broadband access network identification (protocols 802.11хх and their modifications) WR61

Remote control - Rohde & Schwarz ROMES

SDRN control provides easy integration with any new measurement equipment from an API via SDRN control, including third-party software.

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