Webinar: 3D cartography and propagation raytracing
Watch our latest webinar on 3D map data for accurate 5G network planning and propagation analysis. Learn more about MIMO antenna and beamforming in HTZ and walk thru a 5G coverage study using different ray tracing functions.
Webinar: Ad-hoc Mesh network planning
Watch our latest video on self-forming/self-healing networks for defence mission operations. Every network node can intelligently sense and discover other nearby nodes and dynamically determine the optimal path for forwarding data packets through the network to another node. The impact of network disruption can be reduced as the network automatically heals itself as a result of the movement of nodes, changes to RF propagation and node destruction.
Demo: ICS manager no-DB
ICS Manager no-DB, which forms part of ATDI’s database management solution. This latest addition allows users to import and synchronise data held in public spectrum databases with ATDI’s tools, to improve frequency assignment and national and regional spectrum coordination.
Demo: TETRA network planning
This demo looks at TETRA network design and planning in HTZ Communications. It covers all aspects of the network planning process including the types of map data available and network optimisation.
Broadcast coordination with HTZ and ICS Manager
This recording will demo the interaction between HTZ and ICS Manager for broadcast coordination. It will show how to design views, collate information in real-time and manage statistics in ICS Manager.
Online Web Portals
Welcome to the ATDI e-Portal service. Our online web portals allow licensees to make online applications, manage licenses and, in this case, make a microwave frequency assignment.
Demo: Getting started with HTZ
Providing an overview of the features and functions in HTZ Communications, including how to set up and start using the software.
Webinar: Tactical Mission planning
Overview of a tactical mission planning scenario based on real-life data. This webinar provides an overview of the features and functions in HTZ Warfare to support tactical mission planning.
Webinar: Search & Rescue - area prioritisation
This webinar demonstrates how a search and rescue area can be prioritised using mobile coverage boundaries in HTZ.
Demo: Counter-drone - jamming efficiency analysis
Counter drones provide protection against threats, including those which have been heavily modified to overcome conventional sensing technology. This webinar looks at the features and functions available in HTZ to support network planning.
Webinar: 5G - features & functions in HTZ
HTZ supports emerging technologies like 5G. This webinar provides an overview of the features and functions available to users. For more information visit our product page.
Demo: ICS RF Allocations
This web-based publisher features a powerful engine that enables regulators to build and publish detailed documentation about the national FAT, enabling spectrum users to search allocations for any area or country.
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