View our latest webinar recording discussing how to assure reliable radio network coverage in demanding mining environments. Learn how ATDI applies best practices from global mining operators to automate RF network planning and optimisation.
Jamming GPS signals efficiently constrains enemy forces. ATDI's HTZ Warfare includes a "GNSS-CRPA Jamming map" for planning deployments and ensuring uninterrupted GPS reception. Controlled Radiation Pattern Antennas (CRPAs) counter anti-GNSS jamming via beamforming. Outputs display jammed points, disabling CRPA reception and GNSS signal reception.
This webinar is to provide you with the expertise and essential resources required for the seamless planning and migration of your current GSM-R/LTE-R systems to the advanced FRMCS network using HTZ Communications. You will gain valuable insights into the realm of radio planning and optimization within the emerging technology in railway communications.
Check out the latest new features supported by HTZ v.2024.1 This month’s featured release includes additions to our windfarm functionality, network interference, network frequency assignment, and a whole lot more. Users can access the latest release through the customer portal.
Check out the latest new features supported by HTZ v.2023.6. This month’s featured release includes updates to site location optimisation, vector properties, profile window, satellite DB and spectrum planning.
Drone use is on the rise with significant numbers used for offensive and defensive manoeuvres in the battlespace. This video demonstrates how to plan, simulate, and optimise anti-drone systems. Using HTZ, the presenter will cover the wealth of features available to support this capability.
ATDI’s latest video guide shows how to perform frequency coordination for incoming ITU Earth station in the 28 GHz band. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for the coordination process. Users should note that the import process has been automated to speed up the coordination process with HTZ able to import ITU SRS database version 9 and 9.1, ensuring efficient and accurate coordination of frequencies.
The use of CCTV and other security cameras for safeguarding vital infrastructures at airports, stadiums, and oil and gas facilities is steadily rising. To meet this demand, ATDI has introduced cutting-edge features into HTZ to manage CCTV. HTZ evaluates the detection, recognition, and identification capabilities of a given camera. Explore our latest video which showcases how HTZ effectively manages a camera object in a simulated environment.
Missed our latest workshop? This event looks at how measuring antenna patterns can improve network performance, support predication correlation and permit model tuning.
This video looks at how to add different satellites based on their beams and orbital inclination. The demo includes how to convert IFIC notices into HTZ format using ICS Manager no-DB. This module is accessible to all HTZ users with a valid Maintenance contract.
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