Automates network planning & optimisation
Powerful Web API
Works in unison with HTZ Warfare
Seamless integration with 3rd parties
Enhances user experience
Provides real-time analysis of network performance


Imagine streamlining network planning functions through automation. By leveraging the HTZ Web API, users can automate network planning and optimisation, elevating spectrum management processes to higher levels of efficiency.

Using a RESTful API architecture, HTZ Web API seamlessly integrates with third-party software platforms, enhancing interoperability across platforms. The web API operates in unison with ATDI’s leading radio network planning software, HTZ Warfare, which serves as a backend spectrum engine. Coupled with a custom user interface, the web API enables users to effortlessly request and receive data, automate tasks and streamline workflows.

Task automation is proven to significantly improve the end-user experience and the overall efficiency of processes. This adaptable solution supports a wide range of end-user requirements and specific use scenarios.

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Web APIs play a pivotal role in integrating diverse systems allowing different applications to collaborate seamlessly across the web. By automating complex tasks the complexity of network deployments is removed. HTZ Web API embraces RESTful API principles and leverages standard HTTP methods, recognised for their simplicity and scalability. It supports JSON and XML formats to structure data, ensuring the API responses are lightweight and easily readable.

HTZ integrates seamlessly into third-party solutions, working as a backend spectrum engine. By adding a customised user interface, the end user can request and receive data via the API and support task automation. Requests are combined to fulfil end-user requirements or specific use scenarios.

The Web API functionality enables real-time network insights by sharing dynamic and up-to-the-minute data for informed decision-making. The API transmits real-time information like power consumption and station status through the network monitoring system. This data is then used to visualise its impact on coverage, overlay reference signals, and assess the received radio signal strength (RSSI) in specific regions. Additional information encompasses optimal server information, overlap areas, and the number of received channels. The collaborative sharing of this data ensures the adaptive reallocation of the network, acting as a security measure to protect sensitive systems and information in secure locations.


  • Automated Optimisation: The API enables automated planning and customisations.
  • Efficiency Boost: Integrates with existing tools and streamlines operations.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customises HTZ to meet end-user requirements.
  • Real-Time Insights: Monitors network performance for proactive decision-making
  • Easy Implementation: Comprehensive documentation ensures a smooth integration process.
  • Enhances network automation: Customises settings to optimise performance through streamlined data synchronisation.
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  • Effortless network planning and optimisation automation via intuitive API calls.
  • Customises the user experience and supporting data manipulation for radio network coverage, antenna profiles, and transmission settings.
  • Monitors network performance in real time through the Web API
  • Real-Time Insights: Monitors network performance for proactive decision-making.
  • Receives instant reports and alerts directly to your dashboards to enable swift decision-making.
  • Allows functions to be tailored to meet almost every requirement or scenario.
  • Able to configure parameters, frequency plans, and coverage evaluation criteria.
  • Documentation and support for seamless integration and development.
  • Step-by-step guides, code samples and troubleshooting resources for easy implementation.

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