Coverage and Capacity: drivers for network growth

February 23, 2024

Ensuring network coverage and managing traffic effectively are paramount for every mobile network operator to meet the demands of an expanding subscriber base. For a leading European MNO, ensuring ample network capacity across their region was paramount to sustaining expansion and increasing subscriber numbers.

Operating a 4G/5G network for cellular services, the MNO used HTZ Communications to reinforce their network. This multi-technology tool supports signal strength and quality analysis and enables operators to undertake network optimisation and reduce not-spots across the network. Users can simulate radio propagation across a given terrain and assess interference using HTZ’s library of propagation models. The capacity planning function allows operators to determine the network’s capacity to manage present and future traffic demands, taking into account subscriber density, application use and data rates.

From a network optimisation perspective, the MNO stands to gain valuable insights into traffic analysis including automated frequency assignment and frequency optimisation. Also, HTZ’s interference analysis function assesses co-channel interference from neighbouring cells, adjacent channel interference from overlapping frequency bands and external interference sources.

In conclusion, HTZ enables MNOs to implement advanced network optimisation strategies, ultimately enhancing the quality of service and user experience across its networks. It enables the smooth data exchange between the national regulator, who is also a user, and the mobile network operator (MNO).

HTZ Communications
HTZ models almost every radio technology and is frequently used to manage MW or transmission networks. It supports P2P and P2MP connectivity for LOS transmissions, providing reliable, low-latency MW links to support high data rates. MW links are often deployed to accommodate increased traffic demands or to extend coverage to new areas without significant infrastructure investments.

To learn more about how to leverage the features and functions in HTZ to support your network growth, contact us today.

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