Newsletter - April 2021

April 20, 2021

In this months' Newsletter, we've covered the roadmap for public safety networks,  implementing tactical comms links for Spain's VCR armoured vehicles, the latest features in HTZ, a webinar catch up and our latest job vacancies.


Blue light services and public safety agencies need secure and resilient networks to connect their teams anywhere - anytime. Demand for real-time situational awareness and intelligence-driven solutions, not just in the wake of an emergency, but to provide day to day support to the emergency services, is growing. These data-centric networks gather mission-critical intelligence allowing agencies to respond effectively. Access to mobile broadband is a key driver to effecting change and enabling ongoing developments.

This months’ blog compares the progress of three country-wide emergency service networks, and the route they’ve chosen for implementation.

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8X8 Dragon wheeled combat vehicle


Spanish defence-integrator INDRA is contracted to equip the Spanish army’s new 8x8 combat vehicles with a battlefield-management system (BMS). These state-of-the-art combat vehicles will provide Spain with the smartest vehicle of its kind, and are the first step towards autonomous defence vehicles. 

 Indra's Mission System allows tactical information to be shared by dispersed forces to carry out a mission. The information, which is generated by sensors, speed-ups the decision-making process and improves synchronization and situational awareness. The key to information sharing in the battlespace environment is good communications links.

INDRA turned to HTZ Warfare to simulate communications links as the battalions move around. HTZ will plan, model and simulate tactical communication links for UHF, VHF, HF, Satellite and Wifi, allowing the eight battalions to operate up to 100 nodes over a 300 km² area. One of the main components of the BMS is the capability to position the vehicle and monitor its direction in real-time, so accelerating the decision-making abilities and likelihood of mission success.    INDRA Logo

HTZ is a technology-neutral radio simulation software that allows military and civil network operators to plan, model and simulate radio communications networks. To support real-time information sharing, INDRA needs to model scenarios using approx. 50-100 mobile nodes (with traffic and mobility profiles), across different areas across 300 km² territories, with C/N+I and overlapping values. HTZ will also support frequency planning and interference analysis of the links in the deployment of these nodes.

ATDI supplied multiple licenses of HTZ Warfare along with associated training and ongoing software support.

Learn more about HTZ Warfare and full details of this multi-million Euro project for the Spanish military.


At ATDI, software development is at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve outlined the latest features and functions available in version HTZ Communications/Warfare v.23 below, along with video links for each. The latest version is available to download via the customer portal. This month's updates include (click on links)

Action codes
User Interface update
Broadcast coordination - GE06
HTZ Warfare - action codes and P2MP
Propagation modelling - climate and rain maps

For a full briefing, please see our April Product update list.

Webinar catch-up: Intelligent Automation for tactical MANET network planning

Nowadays, maintaining a team of experienced engineers is expensive. Demand to automate software solutions that allow less technical staff to perform the same role is growing. Technology is proven to drive innovation, and in this case, by reducing the reliance on highly qualified staff.Intelligent automation for MANET network planning

This months’ webinar looks at how key functions of HTZ Warfare can be automated to save time, improve efficiency and reduce costs. The webinar includes an overview of tactical MANET networks, including the basics of network planning and automation functions. The webinar covers the creation of transmission paths over different terrain and environmental conditions, plus re-routing of paths when nodes break down or lose connectivity, which can be managed simply and quickly. This military scenario can be applied to commercial network operators across a multitude of technologies.

To learn more, register and watch today.

We understand how important your time is. We’ve split the recording into three sections which runs for 22 minutes from start to finish.


Superhero- job vacanciesWe’re looking for an Office Admin Superhero who can manage our office in Washington DC. This full-time role requires top-notch organisation skills, a go-get attitude and an aptitude to deal with staff and customers at all levels.

Preferred superhero power: multi-tasker, honesty and enthusiasm

Visit our website for a full job description

We’re looking for an RF engineer for our UK operations, as it continues to expand and grow. Based remotely in the UK or office-based in France, the position comes with an attractive package and the opportunity to work with ATDI’s expert engineers and customers spanning every sector of radiocommunications. 

Superhero powers: customer skills, flexibility, quick learner

If you’re the one, talk to us today at

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