Automated Civil Spectrum Management System

July 6, 2021

Customer: ARCEP - l’Autorité de régulation des électroniques et des Postes
Location : France


ARCEP is the French regulatory Authority responsible for issuing licenses, authorisations and managing interference and QoS complaints about fixed, mobile and space services. 

ARCEP manage and maintain a database of transmitters and licenses. They handle reoccurring administrative tasks like the management and licensing of fixed and satellite services (VSAT), PMR services in the 2.6 GHz band, billing and fee calculations. 

They wanted to simplify their processes through automated workflows, which were customised to their specific requirements. These workflows aim to guide the user through the complete licensing process with ease. 


ARCEP’s spectrum engineering team had been using HTZ communications, ATDI’s radio planning and spectrum engineering tool, to carry out tasks like coexistence calculations between systems, automatic frequency assignment and interference analysis for nearly two decades.

In consultation with both internal and external stakeholders, at project kick-off, the team were able to identify and create specific objectives for the development. This consultation allowed them to prioritise key requirements and input these into the project plan when developed.


The solution provided an e-Licensing web portal for online applications, called ICS e-Manager. This supported online requests for licenses and manages licence applications for several key applications: 

  • fixed services (microwave links); 
  • PMR frequency allocations in 2.6 GHz TDD band, and features an online fee calculator. 

This web portal aimed to dematerialise application requests for the creation, modification, deletion and renewal of frequencies.

ATDI supplied extensive training courses for both spectrum engineering and spectrum management functions.


 ATDI has worked in partnership with ARCEP for two decades to support their ongoing needs as a regulator, allowing them to optimise the solution to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The overall impact of this software implementation was:

  • Elimination of paper applications; 
  • Reduction in errors as the operator checks the sites, equipment and antennas before sending. 

This simplified solution not only improved license application times but the overall efficiency of the organisation. In a recent audit, the ATDI solution was nominated for the best return on investment across the organisation.  

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