Automating the mining industry

June 29, 2023

Mine operators face significant challenges with radio propagation and modelling network coverage in open pit mines. Managing the constant changes in the mine terrain is no mean feat, but companies like BHP use ATDI to help. ATDI supplied an automation platform based on its in-house RF planning tool, HTZ Communications to undertake route radio network planning. The platform has been used over the past year, and BHP has awarded ATDI an additional three-year support contract.

The platform schedules and automates routine processes like collecting new GIS information on the mine’s terrain from a local database and updating the digital terrain model in HTZ to reflect the changes. This process automatically triggers coverage calculation predictions for all of their RF networks, including TETRA, DMR, WIFI, P2P, LTE, PMP and line-of-sight analysis.

Yahya Khaled, Technical Director at ATDI PTY, says, “Automation is the way forward. By removing the complexity from repetitive tasks, mining companies can focus on their core business. The system triggers email notifications which provide real-time updates on the network and interfaces with their core NMS server. The updated network coverages are automatically created providing an instant view of network status.”

The platform has proven benefits by providing BHP with regular network performance reviews and assisting with troubleshooting real-time measurements.

For more information on the automation features supported in HTZ, contact us today.

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