Swiss regulator upgrades its spectrum management with automated web service

May 30, 2024

The Swiss regulator Bakom reaffirms its partnership with ATDI to enhance its spectrum management solution with an automated web service. The regulator purchased ICS Portal, ATDI’s flagship automated spectrum management web service solution to transform its internal work processes. This robust spectrum engineering/database solution automates complex spectrum management tasks like coexistence, coordination, and workflows. This incremental project will cover all services, with completion scheduled at the end of 2025.

The ICS Portal will seamlessly integrate with the federal eGOV platform and offer secure user authentication through the e-IAM application, the identity and access management system of the Swiss Federal administration.

ICS Portal - Screenshot

Project Manager Samar Kaddouri explains, “By leveraging web-based technologies, ICS Portal integrates the daily tasks of spectrum regulators into one package. The front-end user interface handles account management, license application submissions, document management, and billing, while the back-end synchronises with unified databases to manage end-to-end workflows and processes.”

Key features of ICS Portal include:

  • License application management
  • Legal document and consent management
  • Account management
  • Notifications, reminders, and alerts
  • Billing, payments, and finance integration
  • Workflow automation

ICS Portal is fully customisable, allowing users to adapt the solution to meet their needs and internal processes.

To learn more about this automated spectrum management solution, contact the team today.

BAKOM, or the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), is Switzerland's regulatory authority for telecommunications and broadcasting. It regulates the telecommunications sector to ensure fair competition and compliance with laws, issues licenses and manages radio frequency allocation. Internationally, it represents Switzerland at the ITU and collaborates with other countries to address cross-border issues and harmonisation standards, ensuring a competitive and reliable telecommunications environment in Switzerland.

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