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May 23, 2022

Top Caribbean critical communication provider Critical Communication Caribbean B.V. (C3) turns to ATDI to validate their mission-critical networks.

With government and public safety agencies under pressure to support growing demands for connectivity and network capacity, critical comms providers must leverage network performance improvements across their existing networks.

C3 purchased flagship RF planning software, HTZ to manage their coverage needs across the Dutch Caribbean islands; Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saint Martin, Saba and Saint Eustatius. C3 had previously outsourced network management but felt that improvements would be better handled in-house. Public safety networks need to balance the different coverage needs of users and provide 100% coverage at all times for emergency services. The C3 team use HTZ to run network simulations to test the network resilience and to undertake RF interference studies, modelling the impact of antenna changes and identifying coverage improvements. 

Senior RF Engineer, Raychel Mattheeuw says, ‘HTZ is essential to ensuring our network meets the challenges of this demanding industry. Key network performance indicators like coverage and clear voice comms are easily managed using this technology-neutral software solution. The custom training course enabled us to hit the ground running and make improvements at speed.’  

HTZ features a traffic and mobility profile editor to limit access for low-priority users to free up resources for higher priority users during an emergency. Its propagation models perform coverage calculations to a high level of accuracy without the need to automatically model tune. And, the automatic model tuning module, used at the calibration stage to improve the final AFP results incorporates drive test measurements when available. The key functions of HTZ Communications include:

  • Interference management including interference calculations, automated handovers, neighbour list planning and analysis;
  • Capacity management and coverage planning;
  • Automated frequency and site planning and optimisation
  • Automatic device assignment to allocate the required number of traffic channels required.

National public safety networks have seen a spike in growth with many organisations looking to the benefits of private LTE/5G networks to meet their needs. During the pandemic, this was particularly important for temporary coverage for pop-up test centres and field hospitals which required wireless connectivity. For more information about planning private LTE/5G networks, view our webinar recording.

C3 - For over 90 years, C3 has delivered critical communication solutions to first responders, commercial entities, airports, the healthcare industry, prisons and more in the (Dutch) Caribbean. Their customers include public safety organisations and commercial entities like shops, banks and logistic organisations. Their innovative, technology proven solutions include radio communication, control rooms, intercom systems, video surveillance and tailor-made integrated solutions. C3 is committed to delivering performance according to high-quality standards and is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 certified. Their highly experienced staff support businesses with automation and cost-saving solutions. Learn more about C3: www.c3.cw.

ATDI -  Software solutions to plan, model and optimise secure and resilient mission-critical networks. HTZ supports reliable networks and allows operators to easily migrate to broadband connectivity and emerging technologies. Key features include coverage and capacity planning, site parameters and neighbour planning for TETRA/PMR/DMR/P25 and PS-LTE and other mobile technologies.

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