Connectivity for DMR Networks

July 12, 2023


Wireless connectivity is essential to ensuring the effectiveness of any radio network. So when RADKOM lost radio connectivity between district offices, they turned to ATDI for help. Their DMR network faced significant issues with failed communication links between the County’s District office and three neighbouring community offices. Added to that was the lost voice communications for critical communications making handling emergencies impossible. 


To improve connectivity, new and updated locations for base stations and parameters were identified. Using HTZ Communications, the team conducted a P2P analysis which showed that the signal levels were significantly below the required reception threshold (shown as red lines in Fig. 1). While the Community Office in Szemud station (UG Szemud) had an effective connection (shown as a grey line in Fig. 1), this indicated that the transmission equipment from the Community Office at Szemud station was faulty. The remaining two stations had new antennas installed higher than the previous ones, so they transmitted effectively over the terrain. Several optimisation configurations were offered so that the customer could choose the best solution to meet their required objectives.

P2P links in DMR network
Fig. 1 Shows P2P links between community offices.

The next stage of the project saw the ATDI team verify the parameters for the newly designed station located at 3. Maja Street. This analysis confirmed the effective transmission based on the new parameters. 

New station added to DMR network
Fig. 2 Shows the effective transmission with the newly placed station at 3. Maja Street.

HTZ Communications managed both stages of the project with ease. The process for each stage is outlined below. 

 Stage 1:
- Analysis of existing DMR system connectivity issues.

- Diagnosis of causes of lack of connectivity between DMR system stations.

- Review the terrain to identify how this impacted connectivity using ATDI digital maps.

- Optimisation of technical parameters of stations and selection of antennas.

- Identification of defects in transmission equipment at one of the stations.

- Advice on optimisation/mitigation solutions.

Stage 2:
- Analysis of connections in dense urban conditions.

- Selection of parameters for the designed station of the DMR system.

RADKOM sp. z o.o. was established from the separation of RADMOR S.A. RADKOM was formed by the employees from the Design Department and Small-Series Production Department of RADMOR S.A. Their headquarters are in Gdynia, Poland, and they support the Pomerania area.

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