Construction of nationwide comms network – Part 2 Network Infrastructure rollout

November 3, 2021

Customer: PKP Railways
Location: Poland
Partners: Nokia / ATDI / FONON / Spc2


A consortium of organisations was awarded a contract by PKP, the Polish rail infrastructure organisation, to deploy a nationwide turnkey GSM-R network and mission-critical backhaul network to improve railway security and reliability.

Network infrastructure rollout

The second stage of this project was to build the communications network infrastructure. This was carried out in conjunction with WASKO and Pozbud, who commenced design and construction in 2018. The five-year project included the installation of the telecom infrastructure, including the framework to connect radio objects with the PKP infrastructure. The project consisted of a cable duct system or cable pipelines combined with an optic fibre cable overlaid. 

The project incurred some teething problems, including delays associated with rolling out a large rail network in a short space of time. The project teams had to manage multiple facets of the project consecutively and managed issues such as:

  • Ensure the project conformed with safeguarding areas of outstanding natural beauty and conservation;
  • Manage the legal status of real estate;
  • Traversing over watercourses;
  • Legal issues relating to construction of infrastructure;
  • Balancing the needs of individual railway region requirements.
  • region requirements.

About the Partners:
FONON are a design, construction and maintenance company operating in the telecommunications market. The company specialises in broadband networks and undertake country-wide network implementations.

The company provides construction services, joinery, residential developments, RES and services to the Rail industry.

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