ICS Portal - web-based coverage-sharing platform

December 5, 2022

Access to real-time mobile network coverage allows control centres and network service teams to identify coverage not-spots quickly. So whether that’s when sites go down or to help identify black spots in extended service areas, ATDI provides an off-the-shelf coverage-sharing solution that allows internal and external stakeholders to access the latest network information.

ICS Portal is a modular solution that allows network coverage to be shared flexibly and securely. Users can view composite and best server coverage for a given area and turn sites on/off sites to understand the impact of lost stations or to manage network coverage during maintenance. ICS Portal offers a filter function that can identify the signal type and/or geographic regions. Combined with a ‘toggle all’ function, these features allow users to turn on/off all stations based on selected criteria.

In addition, coverage can be viewed by changing the threshold values. Controlled by the site admin, this function can be restricted according to user profiles. Similarly, the admin can restrict user viewing options, applying preset values to dynamically display changes on the map depending on the threshold value. Threshold values are displayed in dBm or dBµV /m, automatically accounting for the station frequencies.

ICS Portal is fully compatible with HTZ and offers custom features enabling users to adapt the colour palette, view MW links, and display their profiles and station parameters. Users can define the map sources along with customised marker properties, ensuring that each and every customer benefits from a unique user experience.

The platform has access control by user authentication and runs on either a private server for internal use only or a service over the secured cloud server.

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