Case study: Modelling a defence vessel's onboard radiocommunication systems

July 10, 2023

ATDI collaborated with Saab Danmark to provide radio modelling capabilities for their ship’s onboard radiocommunication systems. Forming part of the MCMV program, HTZ is integrated into the Saab countermeasure mine vessels to enable onboard engineers to calculate radio coverage and analyse intermodulation. This ensures the accuracy of radio performance onboard, along a given mission path or area.

HTZ is fitted into Saab’s countermine vessels, allowing engineers to verify antenna placements and cross-check against the desired coverage. HTZ models the radio coverage based on the ship’s position.

HTZ allows engineers to model any radio technology in almost every environment. It supports recognised ITU-propagation models and provides accurate results for individual systems based on system values and parameters.

For this project, the antenna placements were validated to ensure they achieved the desired coverage for azimuth and elevation. HTZ estimated the range of each system based on a set of measured system values, including simulated and real-life measurements. These quick and accurate calculations estimated the field strengths, reflections, and fading on the coverage for the onboard antenna systems. HTZ supports all leading propagation models (deterministic and empirical).

Saab Countermine Vessels
Countermine vessels are fully remote-controlled non-magnetic vessels made entirely from composite glass fibre. They feature autonomous self-propelled acoustic magnetic mine sweeping systems.

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