Custom developments for national spectrum assigners

July 12, 2021

Customer: Accredited users (defence, consultants and spectrum users)
Location: Australia

Australia is unique in its approach to frequency assignment and coordination. They use a team of 50 independent Accredited Persons (APs) to manage the day-to-day tasks associated with spectrum allocation. Many of these independent APs have chosen to use ATDI’s radio planning tool for their assessments and day-to-day activities. However, to use HTZ Communications they needed to export data from ACMA’s in-house Spectrum Register and RRL platform into the Spectrum Engineering tool – HTZ communications. 


The development of the RRL-plug provided APs simplified access to the database and improved workflows and outputs. 


The plug-in allows HTZ Communications to synchronise daily with the RRL database to enable APs to complete analysis based on the latest frequency assignments, thereby avoiding any potential conflicts.

It needed a simple but powerful data to search and filtering function for automated analysis, following the ACMA’s radiocommunications assignment and licensing instructions or RALIs. The ACMA database supports any types of apparatus license assignments and coordination including LMR, MW, and Satellite. The solution platform needed to operate in the cloud, with secure access control. And, the database server and platform are located in Australia and are supported by the third-party cloud IT solution provider. 

ATDI identified the need for a technical solution that supports the following functions:

  • Automated import of RRL database;
  • An ability to look-up up existing licensees and frequency assignment information easily;
  • Complete frequency assessments based on applicable RALIs;
  • Undertake interference analysis including intermodulation assessment.

Driven by these requirements, ATDI designed and developed an automated frequency assignment tool, known as the RRL Plug-in as an extension to HTZ Communications. 


RRL plug-in bridges the gap between the information in the RRL database and the ATDI’s radio planning software, HTZ Communications.

The plug-in allows access to the latest snapshot of the database providing a user-friendly and smooth interaction with ATDI’s radio planning software. The user can easily export the information into HTZ Communication for further in-depth analysis. Features supported include PIM Calculator, PTS Spectrum Finder and Land Mobile Radio Coordination.

The tool provides daily synchronisation of the RRL database avoid any potential conflicts.


Since its launch in 2017, the RRL-plugin has been licensed to both organisations and APs across Australia. These include the Australian Defence Spectrum Office, SAT Pty, TITAN ICT, Jacobs, UGL, DB Telecom, RCS telecom, Frequency Plus, Ad nexus, NBN Co, Sydney Trains, Urban Utilities and RadSpec.

This custom development shows how ATDI understands complex user requirements and translates them into a usable solution.

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