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July 7, 2021

Customer: Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry - AITI
Location: Brunei Darussalam


AITI need to upgrade their back-office systems to improve efficiency and service delivery. The system aimed to achieve a higher work efficiency and improved customer service. AITI wanted to create an agile enterprise that satisfied the business needs and improved individual productivity and organisational performance.


The project kicked off with stakeholder workshops to identify the user requirements. On system design approval, an Iteration Plan was created. This featured a project backlog, which provided a baseline for the project team. Each item on this plan was prioritised, in consultation with AITI stakeholders.

The project backlog was continuously reviewed, refined and reprioritised by the team who completed daily internal review sessions, as well as on ad-hoc meetings. After each iteration, the iteration demonstration/training was delivered to AITI. 

An automated testing tool was also deployed in the staging environment, as a 1st tier testing platform that supported testing and feedback from AITI’s stakeholders.

The project team re-estimated the backlog items from stakeholder feedback and testing sessions. The project was due to have eleven iterations, but on completion, it had a total of ten iterations.


This web-based solution aimed to automate interfaces with external applications and improve overall effectiveness and efficiency in the internal licensing process for all services, including type approval, import permit, amateur radio, numbering, and complaint management. 

It featured an internal self-care portal and an intranet or business applications portal. These two portals synchronised with a unified database to manage end-to-end workflows of spectrum/license assignment. 

The system included an automated interface with the following major external applications: 

  • Regulatory and resource management: ATDI’s Automated Spectrum Management System (ICS manager + HTZ Communications);
  • Financial management: MS Dynamics GP; 
  • Online payment system integration with the local bank payment system with a credit card and EFT options; 
  • External service platform integration with Customs Office for Type Approval and Import Permit license information exchange.

Following the initial deployment in 2017, further developments to the business workflows and policies were implemented. Improvements included the application of QR codes and digital signatures. Also, business processes incorporated new regulatory rules/policies and updates were made to the user interference and experience. 

The 2nd phase delivery was completed at the beginning of 2021 and AITI received both training and support for the new system. The system migrated to the MS Azure cloud platform.


The system was deployed on a production server when 50% of the system had passed acceptance testing. Feedback from external users’ allowed the team to continuously optimise the system to ensure it met both internal and external stakeholders’ needs. This agile approach allowed enabled the team to respond swiftly to feedback from the end-user and create a flexible solution to meet the end users’ needs.

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