ATDI contributes to ITU on EMF exposure

January 19, 2022

Leading RF planning tool, HTZ analyses the potential radiation hazards associated with radio base stations. With growing public concerns about exposure to high levels of EMFs, more and more radio network operators looking to analyse the impact of their frequency use.

To support this work, ATDI contributed to ITU published studies with the support of Dr Mazar, Spectrum management expert and Vice-Chair of the ITU-R Study Group 5 (terrestrial services) and ITU inter-sector coordinator on RF-EMF and co-rapporteur ITU-D. The studies covered:

  • Implementing 5G for Good Do electromagnetic fields matter?” (2021)
  • Policies, guidelines, regulations and assessments of human exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields“ (2021)
  • Correspondence Group on a revision of Report ITU-R SM.2452 "Electromagnetic field measurements to assess human exposure" (2019)
  • Draft revision of report ITU-R SM.2452-0 - Electromagnetic field measurements to assess human exposure; Document 1C/76, 18 Sept. 2021
  • EMF, New ICNIRP Guidelines and IEEE C95.1-2019 Standard: Differences and Similarities; Warsaw, Poland; 3 Dec 2019
  • Preliminary draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R F.699-8 - Updating upper limit frequency: 330 GHz instead of 86 GHz; Document 5C/227; 8 November 2021  
  • Measuring EMF electric & magnetic fields strengths, around an amateur radio station, 14 to 440 MHZ - Electromagnetic field measurements to assess human exposure; Document 5A/407; 26 September 2021

Dr Haim Mazar rejoined the ATDI Group in June 2015.

HTZ Warfare / HTZ Communications

In order to assess the potential radiation hazard of the electromagnetic field around base stations, ATDI has incorporated functions into its flagship radio modelling tool, HTZ Communications/Warfare, which supports:

  • The maximum permissible exposure (MPE) up to 300 GHz.
  • The area of exposure risk where the field strength is higher than the national acceptable level (in the outdoor or indoor environment).
  • Simultaneous exposure to multiple EMF sources with different frequencies.
  • Full access to clear and accurate information about EMF emitting sources.

Check out our help guide on this subject here.

Case Study: EMF field strengths and heatmaps

To support a request for tender (RFT), ATDI were tasked with generating EMF field strengths and heat maps for a proposed 5G rollout. This sample study looked at one lamppost with two antenna options to understand the potential coverage, EMF exposure and associated heatmaps. Using a high-resolution map in HTZ Communications, the station parameters were imported to generate coverage calculations. A full case study will be made available in next month’s Newsletter.

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