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June 6, 2020

Technology Training by ATDI

We offer training modules on a wide range of topics in Radio communications. These modules are typically of 3 or 6 hours of duration. The topics included (but not limited to) are: Mobile Cellular technologies such as 4G / 5G, PMR, DMR, Railways communications, Satellites, Microwave Transmission, IoT, Indoor planning, etc

Unlike most other trainings, you can always contact us for further clarification of topics discussed during the training session, after attending the training.


Challenge or Opportunity
The world is going through unprecedented times never seen in the recent history. While this presents unseen challenges of great magnitude, it also offers a unique opportunity for individuals such as yourself to self-develop and improve your technical knowledge and skills.

The expertise that you gain, will better position you to take advantage of career opportunities in Post COVID-19 era, while the rest of world is going through hibernation.


How ATDI can help
Here at ATDI, we would like to be your partner through this journey of self-development. We believe that you should not be limited by your employer to provide you with the technical training that you need.

With more than 30 years of experience in Radio Communications, we are uniquely positioned to share our extensive knowledge with you and equip you with the technical knowledge and understanding that you will need for your future career progression.


How is training delivered 

Our world class trainers have been conducting training virtually using phone and various video conferencing platforms for several years and are all highly experienced in this mode of delivery. We are currently using Zoom / WebEx as our preferred training platform.


When are the training session delivered 

We run regular trainings on pre-advertised topics on the 3rd  Wednesday of each month. We also offer on demand training on any popular topics.


Express Online Training

In the follow up to our previous communication, we are excited to announce that our first Express Online training session is scheduled for Wednesday the 24th of June.

We are starting with LTE Technology as the topic of our first Express Online training. Being the prelude to the 5G technology, it is imperative to understand details and operations of the LTE in order to take on the concepts of 5G technology.

You will need to have good understanding of RF topics such as Antenna theory, RF Propagation, Spectrum, and Link Budget.

Please see the list of our training topics for further details: Express Online Training Topics



The Express Training sessions are designed to have a minimum participation of 5 people. This is how we can offer these trainings at an affordable price. Please register your interest by visiting our web site and once we receive 5 interests for a given topic, the training session will be scheduled. The cost for 3 hours module (0.5 day) is Euro 105 and for 6 hours module (1 day) is Euro 210 per participant.


For more information

For additional information please visit our web site: Express Online Training


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