HMF Smart Solutions Peru purchase HTZ Communications

August 1, 2023

HMF Smart Solutions GmbH, an industry leader in mission-critical communications, has been one of ATDI's major customers for over a decade. In addition to their HQ in Bad Münder, Germany, and the Austrian operations in Vienna, the South American branch in Lima, Peru, use HTZ Communications to plan and optimise critical communications networks.

For more than 40 years, HMF Smart Solutions has developed and implemented solutions in TETRA and 4G/5G, including services and network operations for industrial, utility and transport companies, the oil and gas industry, and security and rescue forces, among others. 

Bruno Stein, Project Engineer from HMF Smart Solutions said, "HTZ Communications has played an important role in many of our projects across security networks, airports, railways, ports and even for large stadiums. A large part of our solutions is about providing assurance; our users want confidence that our network solutions will operate effectively and efficiently. HTZ is one of the project components that HMF can always rely on with its planning accuracy."

About HMF Smart Solutions GmbH
Since 1980, HMF Smart Solutions (Bad Münder, Germany), has been developing and implementing customised, mission-critical communication solutions in TETRA and LTE/5G and served customers from industrial, utility and transport companies as well as public safety authorities and organisations with readily available secure radio communication. The company specialises in delivering comprehensive projects from planning and development to implementation and ongoing services and operations.

Read more about their success stories:  

About HTZ
HTZ supports a library of statistical and empirical propagation models for modelling across different technologies. This complete solution supports every aspect of the network lifecycle, from the initial network scoping to full network optimisation. For further information, visit our website today.

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