HTZ UPDATES v.2023.5

May 25, 2023

Download the latest update via the customer portal. Features include: 

Prospective planning from subscribers - The site searching has been extended up to 32 000 overlapping points, which optimises the results when the density of subscribers to be covered is high.

Fig. 1 Site & Station constraints window

SFN launch delay assignment for COFDM networks – This improved algorithm improves results and reduces computing time, with no loss of efficiency. A great function when large numbers of stations need to be assigned over large areas.

Fig. 2 Launch delay assignment window

Coverage and P2P calculations when antenna points towards the ground or the sky – Implemented a new antenna behavior when the station antenna tilt is lower than-89° or greater than +89°. This gives more realistic results for HAPS drones coverage calculations.

Fig. 3 Antenna settings window

Fig. 4 Sample coverage calculation

Max. built-up from visibility map - Ensures the maximum height of new buildings for each point of the map does not damage the current visibility map of each activated transmitter. The building heights are computed for seen and not-seen points from each activated transmitter. HTZ considers the "Elevation security offset (m)" to ensure calculations ensure the receiver height is above building height + Offset. The "Clear Ellipsoid" option restricts building heights that remain below the 1st Fresnel Ellipsoid (also including the elevation security offset).

Fig. 5 Max. built-up height window
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