Introducing HTZ Publisher

July 28, 2022

Imagine the benefits of publishing the latest network coverage maps to support real-time decision-making and network management. ATDI introduces HTZ Publisher, its cloud-based solution for flexible and secure sharing of network coverage with internal or external users. This scalable solution allows users to view coverage outputs from HTZ for cellular, Wi-Fi, PMR and broadcast technologies.

Users can add deactivate stations to update the site-by-site and composite coverages. Network managers can manually deactivate stations to view the coverage impact and identify potential black spots. ATDI enables customers to automate regular coverage updates by connecting the network database to detect the real-time network status.

HTZ Publisher is well suited to mission planning control rooms as it overlays the latest heat maps published by mission planning departments. It enables network operation centres to improve situational awareness and establish an accurate network operations plan and strategy.  

The easy-to-use interface requires no specific RF background and is compatible with third-party map providers like Mapbox™, ArcGISTM or self-hosted datasets. It offers adaptable deployment options with access via a private LAN, cloud, data centres or a shared-hosted cloud solution by subscription. 

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