HTZ Releases - All updates up to 2024.3

March 27, 2024

HTZ Updates – all updates up to 2024.3

Explore the new features in this month's release: HTZ v.2024.3. Users can access the latest release through the customer portal.

Tactical Radiocommunications:
Jammer CPRA coverage – This feature creates a coverage map showing the interference levels received by a virtual GNSS receiver from the activated jammers on the map. The updated dialogue box can check or modify the max. distance used, the threshold to be considered to display the composite coverage and the propagation model.
Jamming threshold: The parameter 'jamming threshold' has been introduced, and any received signal surpassing this value will be classified as jamming.

Map Data converter/Download file from URLs... / Create URL file...:
this feature creates a download file from URLs to create a temporary text file with URLs built in from line/column indices.
Simultaneous server – delta map: the ‘site by site’ option has been added to generate reports listing for each best server the percentage of overlap with other stations received with a value lower than the delta and for overlap orders from 2 to 10.
User Palette: the addition of 256 colour palettes (servers) have been added and used to display 16-bit best server maps.
Station List view: the RS boost value (for 4G stations) has been added to the ‘nominal power’ column. This value is only displayed if greater than 0.
Clutter settings: the snow/ice clutter class (18) has been replaced by ‘b-wood’.

Clutter settings:
the dB/km model now considers the crossing of construction materials when two buildings are joined together.

Propagation models:

Since the ITU-R P.452-18, P.1812-7, P.2001-4, and P.526-15 propagation models employ different profiles for analysis, we have opted to use a uniform recommendation for all scenarios. For full details see this month’s full release notes.

5G station parameters
– the 5G numerology number 6 has been added.

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