HTZ Updates - 2023.1

February 27, 2023

This month's product videos cover the latest features supporting WiFi 6 and Non-GSO satellites, use the links below. We also have a wealth of other new and improved features listed in the attached PDF. Upgrades are available to all customers with a valid Maintenance contract and are accessible via the Customer portal. For any technical support questions, please contact the technical engineering team.

Video Feature: WiFi-6

This video looks at the indoor modelling function in HTZ, including the propagation model and settings to specify building materials.

Video Feature: Non-GSO Satellites

Non-GSO Satellites
This video looks at how to add different satellites based on their beams and orbital inclination. The demo includes how to convert IFIC notices into HTZ format using ICS Manager no-DB. This module is accessible free of charge to all HTZ users with a valid Maintenance contract.

New and Updated Feature List

To access the list of this month's new and improved feature list, click here.

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