HTZ Updates - up to v.2024.6

June 25, 2024

Explore the new features in this month's release: HTZ v.2024.6. Users can access the latest release through the customer portal.

Network Interference:
Menu: Coverage / Network Interference / IRF mode - Coverage Degradation Map: Displays interfered areas with 255 code where a given server is interfered. Interference on a given point is occurring when the Wanted signal level - Threshold degradation < Coverage Threshold. If there’s no interference, the received level from the best server is displayed.

I/N Map: Computes the I/N achieved first on the points covered by each station. And then displays the max I/N value.

C/I Degradation Map: Computes C/I degradation (C/I_after - C/I_before), with: C/I_before: C/I map created from activated stations only. The max C/I value achieved on each point is kept. C/I_after: C/I map created from activated and deactivated stations. Deactivated stations are unwanted only. The max C/I value achieved on each point is kept.

Propagation Models/Calculations:
Sound Coverage: Option to consider radiated power from stations and subscribers. If activated, the radiated power from stations or subscribers will be considered. The radiated power in W is converted to Sound power level in dB relative to 1 pW.

NB: Only transmitting objects are considered. For other objects (DF, CCTV, ...), the global Sound power level will be considered.

Menu Object / Updated Parameters / Device assignment from station Erlang: Assigns channels for each active Tx from Erlang values set in parameters, offering an alternative way to assign the number of transmitting channels according to traffic demand in Erlangs.

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