HTZ Updates v.2023.6

June 29, 2023

Access to the latest updated features is available via the CRM. For ease, we’ve highlighted some of the key functions in this month’s HTZ video update.


Site Location Optimisation –optimisation options are now stored in the PRM file, allowing imports from other projects or formats to be optimised using the predefined options available.

Rectangle selection / Vectors / Vector line not covered – Addition of a button to highlight non-covered points in pink.

Vector properties – Provides information on the number of vectors displayed on the map with a given identity.

Profile window – The + and - keys pressed over the thumbnails displayed on top of the profile window will zoom in/zoom out the corresponding thumbnail.

Tx/Rx parameters – The type of icon has been added in the Site tab of the station parameters. The icon displayed for each station can be BMP (16x16 or 32x32 pixels), Standard, Cross or Dot. The "From Tx/Rx parameters" option must be selected in the object properties (<F5>). Otherwise, the same icon is used for all stations.


TLE database – HTZ checks the checksum value for each TLE entry to avoid anomalies with imports.

Spectrum planning (not inc in the video):

Subscriber coverage – The coverage attached to each subscriber (performed during a site search from subscribers) is now stored in the same folder as the subscriber database and will not be removed when the session is closed.

Prospective planning from subscribers - The site search has been extended to up to 32,000 overlapping points, which improves efficiency with a high density of subscribers.

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