HTZ Updates – New and modified features

April 26, 2022

Check out the latest product updates in HTZ v.23.5.8. Users can access the upgrade via CRM. For any additional support, please contact the Support helpdesk at

  1. Interface & Reports:

Import a group of frequencies for frequency assignment in a text file.

Composite coverage: option to display coverage in dBm values only (RS or RSSI coverage).

.SBH format no longer supported and replaced by .EQT format.

Vector line or vector path coverage to include site by site coverage.

Import vector layer to analyse what’s happening between ground and aeroplane.

  • Propagation models/calculations:

Beamforming azimuth/tilt is now displayed in the profile window.

Sub-path FINE transferred to other methods (FINE fast) and FINE enhanced renamed to FINE.

  • Mobile:

New standard model ITU-RM 1851 cossec for vertical patterns added.

4G/5G in TDD mode – If the downlink/uplink ratio is set to 100%, all the RBs are taken into account for the throughput calculations.

P2P along vector lines, path and points: adjustment to how mobile antenna orientation is computed.

  • Satellite:

A new version of ICS Manager no-DB is available: the ability to select satellite antenna type (from .GXT or 672 or 847).

TLE satellite's new coverage option: able to compute the percentage of satellites seen on a map.

Beamforming capabilities: interference calculations using earth station – selecting a directional antenna and updating range.

Satellite / Satellite to stations (IRF) and Stations to satellites now support multi-channels.

View all these updates on our monthly video update.

For a full list of updates in HTZ Warfare / HTZ Communications v. 25.5.8, click here.

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