HTZ Updates - New & Improved features v.23.6

May 23, 2022

Statistics / Exclusion areas - Improved - considers path objects. Builds on previous functionality which only considered stations or subscribers. The Reverse Coverage mode has also been added with improved calculation speeds.

Spectrum management - Calculations according to ICAO Annex 10 Volume V have been implemented. This function considers interference between the plane and the control tower or other planes in the vicinity, calculating the worst-case scenario when the plane flies at its maximum height (C/I method).

Interface reports – New - displays an Isometric view of the volume within the extended radius of the station.

Reports - New – A couple of new reports including merging interference calculations and population analysis. Exporting Google Earth to include the antenna height info.

Cartography – New –Access Maxar subscription for new maps. New projections for some countries were added.

Propagation models - Improved – Better process speeds for remote simulations. ITU-528-5 published (the model itself is slow when calculating large calculations) – NB. This is an ITU issue and not its application – release ITU 528-3 is still available. Terminal heights now consider the ASL/AGL at sea level. Compute sound propagation considers an antenna pattern for the transmitter using directional transmitters. 

Mobile – New – the ability to state whether the mobile station associated with the Path object is working with variable elevation and power settings without drilling down to the mobile station parameters. A mobile path threshold calculator to load and save Terminal parameters has been added.

Radar – New - Radar interference – now supporting bi-static radars as default. 

HTZ Warfare Web API – New – this new feature supports communications between a front end portal, sending orders through a web service to HTZW. This simplifies the user interface and allows users to add stations, perform coverage and other tasks with a simple text file (JSON or XML). HTZW will perform calculations with results provided as a report through a URL. Access to the web service is available to test, contact us for more information.

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