HTZ Updates 2023.3

May 2, 2023

Catch up on all the latest new and improved features in HTZ. This month sees the release of a series of features made available to users with a valid maintenance contract. Version 2023.3 is available to download via the CRM.


NEW – Threshold limited polygon: GE06 Geometrical contours have been added as a test point for compatibility with assignments and allotments. Lists of test points are generated by GE06 but in their absence, they can be generated within HTZ.

MODIF – Spectrum / Constraints: Max build-up from clearance. This checks the max. height of new buildings that can be added to a polygon while not impacting or reducing the coverage of existing stations or radars. The heights can be specified in the polygon with AGL or ASL reference.

NEW – Station Parameters / Site tab - Country selector added: able to add a reference country for each station across a project for coordination purposes. Identifies foreign and home stations.

MODIF – Statistics / Coverage map / Stations to Virtual Rx: calculates within a polygon only. Checks interference created by a given network of stations where all stations are interfering. Using a directional antenna like a satellite station and with the discrimination applied, it calculates the interference from all other stations. The new feature limits the area computed and reduces calculation times.

INTERFACE - Click here

MODIF – Object / Site coordinates / Update station antenna height: This function derives the antenna height from the difference between the reference altitude and the ground altitude of the DTM. For example, the SNS DB only provides the altitude of the antenna while this option provides the antenna height above ground level.

NEW – Import SQL/EWX: When importing from external DB or ICSM, the -Za option saves the antenna height above sea level, not ground level.

CCTV - Click here

NEW – CCTV coverage: distance calculator. This considers the max. range and visibility by considering the resolution of the camera and the number of pixels required for detection.

NEW – CCTV Coverage - option coverage added: The addition of three ranges (up to 32 km) which check the different ranges and how they correspond to the images. These include detection, recognition and identification of objects.

MOBILE - Click here

MODIF – The "RS threshold (dBm)" parameter has been added for 3G, 4G, 5G and NB-IOT stations. The "RSRP/RSCP threshold from station" option has also been added to the Threshold settings. If selected, the RS threshold will be extracted from each station's parameters. If not, the global values set for 4G RSRP, 5G RSRP and WCDMA RSCP will be used.

MODIF – GSM-R Profiles + C/I  and IRF tables – when a profile is selected the protection ratios and IRF tables are automatically updated. Option to select these parameters directly.

P2P/P2MP/MW links - Click here

NEW – Multipoint / Linked Station parameters. The "Assign lowest antenna heights" option has been added. If selected, the antenna height of each activated station will be updated with the minimum antenna height required to communicate. The range of antenna heights must be defined (min and max allowed) and the step is 1m.

NB: For this feature, the "Settings" (Slave is linked to Master to Master is linked to Slave) are not used.

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