Introducing HTZ v.2022.12

December 6, 2022

This month sees the release of a series of features to HTZ. This upgrade is available to users with a valid maintenance contract, version 2022.12 is available to download via the CRM. For any questions relating to the upgrade or new functionality, please contact

Propagation models – sees Deygout 94 display the distance of a path in an MW link list.

Parameters and calculations – sees modifications to the interference rules for Collision: start/end dates. A black/white option has been added to View display for station parameters. The ability to open multiple sessions of HTZ to compute coverage by groups of stations in parallel. And, for localization, the AOA mode considers DF accuracy when the NLOS is greater than the sensor-measured LOS.

GIS data support – features the ability to create blank matrices for rectangle selection with a comment field of the corresponding vector. The ability to create vector files from an address file. Ability to add polygon contours to modify clutter with SHP polygons. Improvements have been made to LiDAR data conversion including speed of conversion. And, new carto grids have been added including Canada Lambert and GRIB global. NOAA display allows users to download the latest forecasts; for HTZW users, the MaXar satellite image layer has been enhanced.

Satellites – sees Link availability statistics consider the presence of clouds with an increase in sampling from one to three hours.

Microwave – introduces Path distance displayed to the MW link list and adds it to the CSV report. An updated launch delay (TOA) option has been added for P2P and P2MP.

Broadcast – sees SFN launch delay assignment featuring support for linked Gap fillers. An AM button has been added to compute the Tx add losses to AM ground system correction factors for the FCC. And, regional DAB coordination now considers AGCOM (Italy) rules for national and international test points.

Windfarms – Ability to add a virtual wind turbine on each point of the map around each transmitter and within a limited radius.

CCTV - A vertical angle can now be set between +/- 90°.

For access to these features and other new and updated ones, please visit the customer CRM for the latest modifications file and upgrade.

View the PPT slides for this upgrade, here.

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