HTZ Updates – all updates up to 2024.2

February 23, 2024

Explore the new features in this month's release: HTZ v.2024.2. Users can access the latest release through the customer portal.


Subpath attenuation tuning: the subpath methods for the Current model, Standard, Coarse, Fine, Area & Fresnel are now tested, with a ‘preview current model’ function added to check the correlation results with the current propagation model.

Updating location file: ability to import additional fields into Tx/Rx objects, MW links or subscribers including address/state/country/city and zip code.

Correlation and Tuning: a ‘use vector polygon (s) as a mask’ replaces the ‘import exclusion filter (.PLG)’. When checked, the measures located in the polygon won’t be used during correlation or tuning.

Station pop-up menu: an ‘isolate site <i>’ option has been added to isolate all stations collocated with the selected station. The <i> short key replicates this when pressed over a given station.

SQL tables: text fields have been extended to 30 characters in HTZ and exchange tables for Stationx64 (INFO1, INFO2 and NETID) and MWx64 (NetidA, NetidB, Tx_info1, Rx_info1, Tx_info2 and Rx_info2).

Vector path: click on a given ‘vector path' waypoint for the settings of the corresponding segment. If the "All anchors" display option is selected in the Preferences, the properties of the segment are listed in the legend bar. Click the legend bar to modify the vector properties.

ProMax format: the import of ProMax format (CSV) has been added. This import converts the ProMax CSV file into an equivalent file in a generic format (X;Y; Pr (dBm)).

Calculations - Tuning/Subpath methods: the ‘FZ fraction from 0.2 to 1 applied’ option tests for an FZ fraction varying from 0.2 to 1 with the Standard, Fine and Fresnel subpath methods.

Propagation - ITU-R P.452: The ITU-R P.452-18 release has been implemented.

NB. Due to the new way the clutter obstacles are considered, huge differences might appear between the results of both releases.

Mobile - Multipoint/interference - 4G/5G T/R connections: This feature will provide a report containing: Broadband cell power (dBm), RSSI (dBm), RSRP (dBm), RSRQ (dB), SNIR PDSCH (dB), Gain (dB), SNIR PDCCH (dB), SNIR PBCH (dB), Max throughput DL (kbps), Distance (m) and ToA (µs) between activated stations.

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