Integrating HTZ with ease - software developers' kit

June 30, 2022

ATDI introduces an HTZ Warfare software development kit (SDK). The SDK is multifunctional allowing users to create and manage automated workflows for planning automation using action codes, and supporting integration with third-party applications via a Web API.  The integrated API allows HTZ to seamlessly connect the HTZ spectrum engine to other systems or platforms, allowing integration into larger systems. The automated workflows provide a simplified end-user experience and enable organisations to make process efficiencies.

The Web API simplifies integration by using a request script to send messages to the HTZ spectrum engine. The calculations are undertaken in HTZ and the results are exchanged in XML or JSON format between the applications. The solution offers a high level of interoperability with plug-in functions to meet end-user requirements.

Using predefined action codes in HTZ, users can create workflows to perform automated calculations. Actions codes can be created for almost every function of the software and cover all types of study or analysis. The SDK provides self-management control of the integration and workflow automation and reduces the need to involve third-party suppliers. Over the project life cycle, this saves time, resources and reduces risks.

To learn more about how to access our software developers kit, contact your local office today.

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