Signal Emulator: spoofing functions in HTZ Warfare

April 4, 2023

This function allows users to introduce fake stations to capture communications from a mobile network.

Spoofing and jamming are collectively known as Countermeasures (CM). They aim to cripple the effectiveness of enemy action by interfering with communications, radars or weapons systems. Using the latest functions in HTZ Warfare, users can create fake cells that masquerade as stations while listening to the network. Using the updated cell emulator function, a new cell is created, as if part of the network. The spoofed cell then emulates signals to the rest of the network to make them believe that the cell is part of the system.

HTZ considers what signals can be received from the rest of the network and the effectiveness of the emulator based on those signals received from the existing network. Another option focuses on the measurement, allowing the user to check the efficiency of the emulator versus the power received at each point from the mobile.

These updated functions are available in HTZ Warfare. Users with a valid maintenance contract can download the latest version via the customer portal.

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