ATDI introduces frequency application web portal

January 19, 2022

ICS Portal is an Automated Spectrum Management Solution (ASMS), which features a powerful spectrum engineering and database engine to allow complex spectrum coexistence, coordination, and workflows to be automated. It has a modern web-service user interface for both internal and external service users and provides end-to-end automated workflows including interference analysis and frequency assignment.

This easy-to-use web service provides an interactive connection between the front-end users (regulators or license applicants) and the back-end spectrum management solutions; HTZ Warfare and ICS Manager. User interfaces are intuitive with customised security authentication for user access control. The application features a single sign-on, self-care portal, billing and payment capacity. Records are scanned continuously to ensure spectrum assignments and allocations are analysed in real-time.

ICS Portal launching calculations

The ASMS system architecture features a classic three-tiered, client-server layout with each tier being physically separate. The Client application interfaces with the users and has no direct links to the DB for security and scalability.

The Application server is the middle or link layer, which features the majority of the business logic. This layer deploys multiple instances of the solution to provide horizontal scaling for improved performance.

The Database server (or data layer), stores data with connections provided at the application server level. This fault-tolerant, high-performance configuration enables the system to operate without fault.

Users can draft, submit, and follow up frequency applications with ease. Predefined templates reduce user interactions and support fully automated workflows. Users can view their frequency requests through their user account. Workflows are refined and improved to ensure they track changes in user requirements or uses.

ICS Portal is used by a leading European military frequency regulator who also purchased ATDI’s spectrum management database solution, ICS Manager and technical analysis tool, HTZ Warfare. This customisable solution features updateable tables, a specific data exchange format, a new spectrum occupancy interface and dedicated interfaces for sensors etc. To support the implementation and adoption of this solution, ATDI provided on-site assistance and audit support.

To support the ongoing needs of this military regulator, ATDI provided support and services to enable them to undertake their role efficiently and effectively. These tasks include:

  • Frequency sharing between satellite and other services, C-band vs. 5G, microwave links and Earth stations;
  • Coexistence analysis between radars and wind turbines;
  • Analysis of the impact of other service users on radar performance, including communication type services in adjacent bands whether from base stations or mobile, i.e., LTE;
  • Modelling coexistence between tactical radio links and UAVs in shared frequency bands;
  • Reframing spectrum including modelling and analysis of sharing /coexistence bands based on given scenarios allowing military users/regulators to assess how the civil demand affects the amount of military spectrum needed or how it impacts the use of the available spectrum allocation;
  • Modelling of the impact between military jammers (against drones) vs. civil networks (3G/4G);
  • Interference and frequency assignment of military terrestrial static, mobile and airborne systems.

In addition, ATDI proposed a new advanced algorithm dedicated to Dynamic Spectrum Allocation to improve spectrum resources in VHF/UHF bands.

To learn more about this flexible web-portal solution view our product demo here. For more information, visit our product page.

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