INDRA turns to ATDI to support battlefield management system

Combat vehicleSpanish defence-integrator INDRA is contracted to equip the Spanish army’s new 8×8 combat vehicles with a battlefield-management system (BMS). These state-of-the-art combat vehicles will provide Spain with the smartest vehicle of its kind, and are the first step towards autonomous defence vehicles. 

Indra’s Mission System allows tactical information to be shared by dispersed forces to carry out a mission. The information, which is generated by sensors, speed-ups the decision-making process and improves synchronization and situational awareness. The key to information sharing in the battlespace environment is good communications links.

INDRA turned to HTZ Warfare to simulate communications links as the battalions move around. HTZ will plan, model and simulate tactical communication links for UHF, VHF, HF, Satellite and Wifi, allowing the eight battalions to operate up to 100 nodes over a 300 km² area. One of the main components of the BMS, is the capability to position the vehicle and monitor its direction in real-time, so accelerating the decision-making abilities and likelihood of mission success.

HTZ is a technology-neutral radio simulation software that allows military and civil network operators to plan, model and simulate radio communications networks. To support real-time information sharing, INDRA needs to model scenarios using approx. 50-100 mobile nodes (with traffic and mobility profiles), across different areas over 300 km², with C/N+I and overlapping values. HTZ will also support frequency planning and interference analysis of the links in the deployment of these nodes.

ATDI supplied multiple licenses of HTZ Warfare along with associated training and ongoing software support.



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