Introducing ICS Manager no-DB

August 19, 2021

Over the past decade, data-sharing and data integration have transformed the way we do business. By recognising the need to access different data sources, ATDI developed ICS Manager no-DB, which forms part of ATDI’s database management solution. This latest addition allows users to export and synchronise data held in public databases with ATDI’s tools, to improve frequency assignment and spectrum coordination.

Data from national spectrum databases such as FCC databases for communications services by frequency and service, the ITU BRI FIC database for the terrestrial services and SNS for geostationary satellite filings, can all be imported into ICSM no-DB for use with HTZ. Users can browse important network information on spectrum bands, license allocation and usage, to plan and develop new and expand existing networks.

ITU and FCC spectrum databases

HTZ, ATDI’s spectrum engineering tool, extracts the data from the public spectrum database into ICSM no-DB. Once connected, users can query everything from entity name or owner, and license details such as start and expiry date directly from HTZ. Similarly, users with access to the ITU SNS database can query geostationary, non-geostationary filings and earth station filings. This intuitive function allows users to make project-specific queries more accurately, and without leaving the software. This function is available in the latest release of HTZ and users with a valid maintenance contract can access a free license of ICS Manager no-DB.

ATDI encourages users wishing to expand the scope of this function to new databases/portals should contact their local office to discuss.

View our ICS Manager no-DB demo.

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