IAA turns to ATDI for expertise

September 27, 2022

ATDI adds another aviation authority to its list of customers in the aviation industry.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) purchased HTZ Communications earlier this year and undertook a custom training course. The IAA provide air traffic management services for Irish-controlled airspace, as well as safety regulation and civil aviation security. The training course familiarised users with the main features and functions of HTZ Communications, with a focus on modelling VOR and ILS.

Users learned how to model VHF stations to support ILS using SM.1009. The course also featured a session on modelling primary and secondary radars and how to model the impact of 5G antennas on ATC radars.

To ensure the team could hit the ground running, ATDI supplied a 3-hour workshop to incorporate all their existing stations into the software to ensure the smooth set-up and expedient use of the software

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