Keeping the airspace safe with HTZ

April 25, 2024

Hong Kong-based aviation consultancy firm, Lacle recently acquired HTZ Communications to support business development and enhance its services to the aviation sector. The Lacle team specialises in several sectors including airport safeguarding, control tower and CNS (communication, navigation, and surveillance) siting planning, and airport and airspace design assessments.

Using HTZ, Lacle conducts comprehensive CNS assessments and modelling to ensure the reliability and security of critical safety systems to potential interference. This type of analysis includes signal coverage field strength modelling, GPS coverage evaluation, and path profile analysis. They also proactively manage the impacts posed by external factors such as wind farms and construction equipment on sensitive CNS infrastructure. HTZ is ICAO compliant, allowing for the precise modelling of CNS signals, and aiding with the assessment of potential impacts from new developments or structures in the vicinity of the airfield.

HTZ analyses the impact of proposed developments on airport communications, including surveillance radars and sensors for ground and airspace operations, VHF Comms, and ILS (instrument landing system) stations. This type of obstacle assessment empowers airport authorities and local planning bodies to implement necessary restrictions or mitigation measures to minimise adverse impacts of interference on these critical comms networks.

HTZ is an essential toolkit for air navigation and airport service providers across the globe to assess ground-to-ground, ground-to-air and air-to-air communications services. 

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About Lacle
Lacle Aviation Consultants provides engineering services tailored to airports and air traffic control, focusing on safeguarding airport infrastructure and communication, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) systems. The Hong Kong-based team are formed of seasoned RF engineers with extensive experience garnered from various airports and air traffic control services.

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