October 27, 2022

At ATDI, we’re working hard to ensure users can access the latest map data sets. The latest software release supports the following features:

  • Ability to import LiDAR data in LAS/LAZ format directly into HTZ
  • Fast-mode option to convert Lidar files to PTCx files. This new feature improves the conversion process by up to 10x faster
  • The Canada Lambert NAD83 projection system has been added
  • Ability to create vector points from the address report and create a report
  • A growing number of high-resolution datasets available for US cities

In addition, HTZ Warfare users can try the latest MaXar maps before subscribing. Free access is available till the end of the year enabling users to access the newest vintage high-resolution cartographic maps via the MaXar WMTS portal. Contact us today to activate your trial.

Users with a valid maintenance contract can access the latest software upgrade via the CRM. Maps are available via the Portal. Can’t find the map you need, then get in touch.

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