Introducing HTZ v.2022.9.1

September 27, 2022

Check out the latest new and updated features in HTZ.

Jammer site searches
Improved - to check at a given point when the receiver is jammed. This checks the power received from the jammer and the wanted signal and compares it against the j/s signal using a polygon. The demo video shows the two available site searching options and analysis outputs. The new function also includes the coverage calculation percentage of receivers successfully jammed once a new jammer is added.

FIPS encryption
New – the license server file was updated to manage FIPS (USA) and encrypted license files.

Improved – to convert a wind farm object into an obstacle now considers the radius of the mast or diameter of the blade.
New – the ability to add the power sum from each reflected signal from the wind farm.

P2P satellite connections allow users to check connections from a given point to a given satellite. P2P MW links – multibeam antennas – addition of Cambian antenna.
Rx level – now updated by subscribers, with the option to update from power received.

Improved - Multipath 3D propagation model (specular / Lambertian) with improved calculation engine to request updated default reflection factors. It applies specific values for different clutter codes to improve the accuracy and speed of calculations.

RSRP thresholds are now available for 4G and 5G. These thresholds are defined separately (previously combined) for each technology. If the station is a 5G station, then the threshold will be used for displaying area coverage, etc.

P2P/PMP/MW links
The interconnection map allows the user to check the point at which two stations can be interconnected using the invisibility mode function or in the field strength aggregation.

Interface & ReportsTx/Rx equipment lists – ability to delete a selection of records from a database.
Import generic ASCII file – the previous function only imported stations and subscribers but can now import text vectors containing coordinates and command information.
Import ASCII Rx dBm level when using generate report function. Populates the information to support the jamming subscriber function.

We’ve simplified our product version numbers for HTZ and ICS Manager: version xxxx.yy.z with xxxx = year and y or yy = month. z denotes when more than one release is in the same month. For example, 2022.7 was released this month and 2022.7.1 = was the second release in the same month.

For a complete list of new and improved functions, visit our CRM and download the News and Modif file. For any questions, please reach out to

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