IOT - Connecting devices

February 12, 2019

The Internet of Things is becoming increasingly connected with the support of ATDI.

The National Narrowband Network Company (NNNCo) in Australia is now using ATDI’s flagship planning and modeling software tool HTZ communications to ensure the effectiveness of networks.

Central to NNNCo’s work is LoRaWAN which it uses in a variety of areas. The organization works with councils to deliver smart city services, it partners with utility companies and agriculture to connect remote monitoring devices, and it links with transport operators overseeing fleet deployments.

“NNNCo’s systems have to work in a huge range of environments,” says Jin Hwang, ATDI PTY managing director, “With the help of ATDI’s tools and expertise, we can help ensure they are effective in all conditions.”

Some of the networks are in cities where the spectrum is crowded, and buildings create significant clutter issues; others are in remote rural environments where distance means the placement of base stations is critical.

“The uses of IoT are growing exponentially,” comments Jin, “and ATDI software is essential in helping keep the new services connected.”

DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION of IOT network planning in HTZ

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